LYZER Automatic Knife Sharpener 

(Model AKS-1) is designed as per A.O. Spencer Model, it is a very compact and portable type instrument. It provides a precise, efficient & safe method for honing Microtome knives. It ensures so perfect a knife edge that needs no subsequent stropping. The knife edge reconditioned to optimum sharpness which is of major importance to every laboratory where materials are routinely sectioned for Microscopic examination. 

This equipment sharps all knives upto 160 mm, in length. There is an imported automatic time to set the sharpening time, depending on the condition of knife. The transparent Acrylic housing converts process. The knife strokes against a high frequency glass plate and after three exactly equivalent strokes on side of knife edge, a cam follower automatically flips the knife and three strokes are honed on other side. The stroking cycle is repeated continuously for duration on setting the automatic electric timer. 

The instrument is sturdy in construction and all parts are very 
precisely machined and assembled so that trouble free and dependable service may be achieved. Its imposing finish of enamel baked paint is easy to clean, resists chipping abrasions and chemical attacks. The instrument is mounted on rubber feet to absorb vibration for quite and smooth operation.

Note: Micro Abrasives of different mesh for sharpening are available on request. 

LYZER Automatic Tissue Processor 

is a thoughtfully designed solution to the rapid processing of tissue in Histology Labs, it work with optimum speed to minimize damage to the tissue caused by dehydration and shrinkage.

LYZER Automatic Tissue Processor is virtually maintenance free and combines well-proven technologies with innovations in a masterly way.The robust design is proven and offers reliable technique on smallest space. LYZER Automatic Tissue Processor is a system with extraordinary performance ratio which is Functional and easy to operate.


  • Wax Bath   : 2 nos.
  • Stainless Steel Basket   : 1 no.
  • Tissue Containers   : 10 nos.
  • 24 Hr. timing calibrated timing discs : 6 nos.
  • Dust Cover    : 1No.
  • Basket Rotor

Hand And Table Microtome

It is a portable , handy and simple Microtome recommended for laboratories, field work etc. for sectioning of fresh tissues. It is easy to operate and cuts in steps of 10 microns each. 

All components are fabricated from standard metals, Top stage is of high ground GLASS for smooth operations.

Supplied complete in a wooden box with a plano concave razor, block holder, mould block, table clamping device and operating instructions.

Lyzer Rotary Microtome (LT-40)

(Erma type) with three object holdres, one  razor 120mm and honing stone. Feed adjustment 125 microns in steps  of one micron. Complete with raxine cover and box    

Lyzer Senior Rotary Microtome (LT-41) : 

(820 Spencer type) latest model, with one razor 120mm and honing stone. Feed range 150 micron in  steps of one micron with automatic feed release device, complete in  box with three holders, oil can and raxine cover. 

Lyzer Semi Automatic Microtome: Digital Control Panel

Technical Specifications:

1. Motorized drive.
2. Compatible Embedding Material: Paraffin, Plastic.
3. Range of the thickness of slice: 0.25 – 60 μm.
    Range of the thickness of trimming: 10 – 100 μm.
4. Setting thickness of slice ranges:
          0.25—-1 μm     increment       0.25 μm
            1—-10 μm    increment           1 μm
           10—-20 μm    increment          2 μm
           20—-60 μm    increment          5 μm.
5. Specimen Horizontal feeding: 28 mm.
6. Stroke length:   60 mm.
7. Knife index: High Profile Disposable Blades
8. Maximum section of slice: 50 x 50 mm.
9. Retractable specimen clamp, lateral knife holder      

10. Weight:24 kg.
11. Working Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz.(110 V, 60 Hz. optional)
12. Delivery time: 25 Days. 

Lyzer Rocking Microtome:

This is a sturdy and well designed microtome (Cambridge type) which can cut sections of tissues from 2-24 microns in steps of 2 microns each. It is highly  suitable for elementary students.

Supplied with razor with built-in handle in box, 3 block holders, Dust cover & honing stone in a storing cabinet. 

Lyzer Semi Automatic Microtome with Touch ScreenPanel:   

With LCD screen display and digital touch control panel is used for sectioning paraffin embedded tissues and other materials which are suitable for sectioning. Semi Automatic Microtome’s are widely used in Pathology, Histopathology, Textile and other industries. Sectioning using a semi automatic microtome enables study and analysis in Light microscopy, histology, electron microscopy, Spectroscopy & Botanical Microscopy. 

Technical Specifications:

  • LCD screen display with touch controls for range of slicing thickness, trimming, wheel Count, fast forward, fast backward
  • Advanced motorized driving systems with functions of motorized slicing, trimming, fast forward, backward.
  • Universal microtome objects holder and blade holder.
  • Hand wheel can be locked at any position.
  • Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp.
  • Motorized drive
  • Compatible Embedding Material: Paraffin, Plastic
  • Range of the thickness of Slicing: 0.25 – 60 μm
  • Range of the thickness of Trimming: 10 – 100 μm
  • Setting thickness of slice ranges:

         0.25—-1 μm     increment       0.25 μm
            1—-10 μm     increment           1 μm
           10—-20 μm    increment            2 μm
           20—-60 μm    increment            5 μm

  • Specimen Horizontal feeding: 28 mm
  • Stroke length:   60 mm
  • Knife index: High Profile Disposable Blades
  • Maximum section of slice: 50 x 50 mm
  • Retractable specimen clamp, lateral knife holder
  • Weight:24 kg Approximate
  • Working Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz.(110 V, 60 Hz. optional)


Lyzer Sledge Microtome:

  • Slide way length: 30cm
  • Maximum opening of object clamp:27 X 32mm
  • Range of graduations for cutting of specimen:  2-30µm

Lyzer Wood Microtome Model  LWM-1 i

s desigened to meet the wide sperading practice of  microscopic examination of hard objects such as under calcified bones ,hoofs & hard wood etc. Feed is adjustable in increments of one micron manually  to  avoid avoid damage to the specimen in return stroke.

Length of slide ways   : 42cm
Feed Increments    : One micron
Max. Automatic Feed Adjustment  : 30 Microns
Max. Vertical Object Displacement : 30mm Approx.
Max. Opening of Object Vice  : 80 X 50 cm Approx.
Overall Dimensions   : 85 X 40 cm Approx.
Overall Height    : 45 cm approx.
Net Weight    : 100 kg.approx.
Standard Accessories:
Heavy Duty Razors   : 2nos.
Honing Plae             : 1 no.
Object Holders         : 3nos
Oil Can                   : 1 no.
Dust Cover              : 1no.