A true three dimentional model showing the dertailed structure mounted on base.

Dimensions overall 345 x192 x 21 mm.



    Anatomy of Starfish

    Showing the general structure, internal visera, water vascular system and arm in T.S. showing details of tube fell. Mounted on board. 

    Dimensions overall 500 x 450 x 75mm.

  • ANIMA CELL(Enlared 10000 times)

    This model restricts to the presentation of the generally important structures of an animal cell Nucleus, endoplasmic reticuum, mitochondria, ribosomes, golgi apparatus and centrioles illustrate the principal of segmentation of this smallest unit of life. Scope : common study of the cell. In one piece on a stand with base.

  •  Baby With Pelvis
    (Female) showing engagement of child’s head in vertical section of abdomen with pregnant uterus in the 9th month, child could be taken out in order to show the exact position of placenta with its blood vessels. Mounted on base with key card.

    Dimensions overall 400 X 300 X 400 mm.
  • BIRD DISSECTION (domestic hen)

    Natural size The right side shows the feathrsand the other side shows allthe internal organs. Mounted on a base.


    A most instrctive and beautiful model shoing the detailed inernal structure mounted on board.

    Dimensions overall 250 x 150 x 65mm.