Lyzer Abbe Refractometer (LT-49) :

Designed for accurate quick  exami-nation of refractive indices and mean dispersion of liquids, solids and power. N.D. Range 1.3,000 to 1.700 in steps of 0.001. The body of instrument has learning of 600. It consists of Abbe double prisms  with thermostat compensator Telescope, Mirror, Limb, Graduated Sector Reading Magnifier and radial arm, complete in wooden box.

LYZER Butyro Refractometer

This instrument can be used for measuring on oils, fats and waxes giving a reading directly in terms of the oil scale, otherwise known as BUTYRO Scale. The micrometer eye piece allows an accuracy on their scale of 0.1. the soil scale may also be conversion tables. This allows as measuring on materials with index of refraction in the range 1.42 to 1.49 to an accuracy of 0.0002.

Dual scale : Sugar Percentage Scale & Butyro Scale.
Subdivided at 1% interval.
Easy Temperature Control.
No Coloration of the filed view.
Micrometer allows accuracy of 0.01% on the oil (Butyro) scale.


is specially designed for Sugar Factories with Imported Optical Components provided with Double Wedge Compesations workable on White Light from ordinary electric bulb of 100 watts.The entire optical train is mounted on a rigid cast iron support of elegent design and the lamp on its spherical housing forms an integral part of the instrument and is operated on 220 volts A.C.mains.One Plus Wedge is with Left handed rotation of big nob and the other Minus Wedge of Right Handed Rotation of small nob, which renders possible to take reading from -110º to +110º Sugar Scale. Thus invert Sugar Percentage upto 110º can also be taken accurate  -0.1%

SPS- The complete instrument made of with two telescope

Range of Measurment :-
-10 to +110s(Positive Scale)
+10 to -110s(Negative Scale)

Vernier Accuracy :-
0.10 s

Telescopic Magnification
4.5 X 

Polarizing Aperture :-
6 mm

Analyzer :-
Glans Thompson Prisom & Quartz Wedge.

Polariser & Half Shade :-
Lippich System 

Lyzer Research Polarimeter (LT-47A):

Used in medical, pharmaceutical and chemical research laboratories. Consist of a imported half shade nicol polariser, analyser, 100mm. Diameter circular scale divided in degrees 0-360 Deg. x 1 Deg. And a sugar scale divided –30 Deg. To + 130 Deg. X 1 Deg. ISS, a divided micrometer drum is given to read 0.05 Deg. (3 minutes) and 0.1 Deg. ISS, the scale is properly illuminated for taking readings, the body is very sturdy and separate sodium lamp is stand is provided. Complete with polarimeter tube, bubble traps at the center, 200mm. Sodium lamp with stand and transformer 

Lyzer Student Polarimeter (Laurent’s Half Shade ) LT-47: 

Analyser brass scale graduated from 0-360 deg. or 0-180 deg. with vernier reading 6″ and accomodates a 200 mm glass tube. It is packed in a card board box