Opthalmic Microscope


LYZER Zoom Ophthalmic Microscope (Model:LZOM-I): Description Advance optical system designed exclusively for easier handling and versatility in Ophthalmic Surgery

Main Features:

Head: Zoom Optical Head
Magnification: 5x-25x Continuous Zoom
Eye Pieces: 10x paired wide field
Working Dist : F=200mm
Focusing: Manual OR Motorised with Foot Control
Light Source : 15V, 150W Twin Reflector Halogen Lamps
Illumination : Coaxial through the lens fiber optic cable
Bulb: 15V, 150W Philips Germany
Arm : Counter balanced pantographic arm with 320° rotation
Stand : floor stand on four caster wheels for easy handling and absolute stability
Power Supply : AC 220V – 240V (110 volts on request)


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